Topman | LFWM

I am definitely not an expert in fashion but it is a world that I have always loved. In fact, I am trying to learn more and more about everything fashion related because I want to… View Post

Ross & Brown Sunglasses

During the summer, we need to protect ourselves from the sun. Our skin is one of the most important parts to protect, that’s why we must use some sun cream. However, it is not the… View Post

Aki Wallet

Finding the wallet you like is a difficult task, especially if you are as picky as me. I must admit that I don’t normally spend too much money on a wallet, as the ones I… View Post

Red Carpet Outfit

We are on the Awards Season. In fact, the Grammy Awards are on Monday! What I really like about these events is the possibility to see some celebrities you like and what they are wearing. View Post