Street Styled | London

I love my city, Barcelona, and I always will. However, if I had to choose the city that inspires me the most, I’d have to say London. It inspires me in so many different ways, but when it comes to fashion, London is definitely my favourite place to get inspired from. As you know, I have spent a few days there recently and I thought it would be great to show you some people’s outfits that I thought could be interesting for all of us. I kind of got this idea from Robin (aka Man For Himself), as he has a street styled series on his channel (here) that I am absolutely obsessed with. View Post

Adele The Finale

You may already know that especially if you follow me on twitter, but Adele is my favourite artist on Earth. I love her for her music, of course, but also for her personality, as I think she is one of the best people to admire for many different reasons. I actually saw her last year in Barcelona and I thought it was probably going to be the last time I would do so, at least for a few years. Because of this, I was very happy when she announced her last few shows in London and I actually managed to get some tickets. Anyway, I am basically going to use this post as a way of sharing my experience at Adele’s show in Wembley with you, but also I would like it to be the place to keep all my memories from it. So here we go. View Post

080 Barcelona Fashion

I have always been very interested in fashion as you probably have already noticed. One of my dreams is to go to London, Paris, Milan or New York for fashion week because my favourite brands showcase their collections there. However, I am also very interested in what new designers are doing because sometimes it can be very refreshing. For this reason and because it is held where I live, I wanted to go to 080 Barcelona Fashion. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any accreditations, and I could only go two days. View Post

Summer Essentials

It has been so hot recently. Even in places like the UK the temperature has been crazy. I have always thought that dressing up is more difficult during this time of the year, as it is hard to create nice outfits that are also comfortable and that help you stay cool. I feel like it is much easier to layer up, which is what we do in winter. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what are my summer essentials, which are the essentials for this kind of weather, basically. View Post

Five Songs I Love

I have been listening to a lot of music recently, probably because I’ve had more free time. I feel like it is amazing to have time to just listen to music because by doing so you can discover new artists and new sounds. In fact, this is what has happened to me. It is true that I have not changed the kind of music that I like, but I have added some different kinds of songs that I’m loving at the moment. Also, lots of artists that I already liked have finally released their albums. Anyway, let’s go straight to the point! These are the songs that I have been loving the most for the past few weeks. View Post