Murdock London

murdock London grooming

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by Maleskin, however, all opinions are my own.

I normally use this kind of posts to introduce you to new brands that I have recently discovered. This is not the case of this post in particular, though. Today I am going to be talking about a brand that you may already know and that I have mentioned in the past. The brand is Murdock London. Does it ring a bell to you? I actually reviewed their Sea Salt Spray a while ago as some of you may recall – you can check it out here – and I still love it. View Post

Summer Trends 2018 | What I’m Going to Be Wearing

summer trends 2018

Summer is nearly here and we have to get ready for it. It is important to start thinking about all the outfits we want to wear during this season, especially if you want to go on holidays. For me, it is more difficult to create nice outfits in summer, which is why I prefer winter fashion. However, I thought it could be interesting to share with you some of the stuff I am going to be wearing in SS18. I am going to talk about “trends”, although I hate this term because you can wear whatever you want no matter what other people say. Let’s start! View Post

Zirh Skincare

zirh grooming skincare

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by Maleskin, however, all opinions are my own.

I am struggling to keep my blog updated at the moment. I do have lots of ideas planned, but I haven’t got enough time to do everything. University and my job are taking all my time and energy. This is something I hate because there’s nothing that I l0ve more right now than writing blog posts and taking photos for Instagram. Hopefully this will change after my final exams. Despite all of this, today I want to show you another skincare brand that I have recently discovered named ZIRH. View Post

Anthony Skincare

Anthony skincare grooming products

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by Maleskin, however, all opinions are my own.

It’s time to introduce you to a new skincare brand I have recently been using. I had seen it in so many places before, but I had never bought any of their products. However, I was kindly offered to try some of them and I just had to say yes. The brand I’m talking about is Anthony Skincare and, as I have discovered that their products work quite well, I thought I could share them with you all. View Post

Am I Real Enough?

real enough denim instagram

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I come across so many different things and, to be honest, lots of them are rubbish. However, I do find some gems as well. For example, the other day I watched a few instastories from @Philorose (aka Victoria) that inspired me a lot. In fact, she made me feel like I had to write this post. I just want to find out how real I am on social media, especially on Instagram. Well… Let’s be honest, I am probably going to ramble a little bit too. View Post