7 Things To Do In Dublin

Last week I travelled to Dublin with some of my friends from uni. We had booked this trip a long time ago, in fact, we booked it in February. We were all very excited for it, as it was our first trip together and we were going to one of our favourite countries, even though just two of us had already been there. I must say first that Dublin is not the most beautiful city I have ever visited, however, what I liked the most about the city was its people. View Post

Rheinfall, Schaffhausen

Zürich is such a beautiful city, I fell in love with it. However, before going there, we were told that Rheinfall was very impressive. They are basically waterfalls near Schaffhausen, which is not too far away from Zürich. View Post

Zürich // Part Two

We did so many things in Zürich that I had to split the journey in different posts. I hope you are all liking them as much as I am loving to have a look at the photos and remembering everything we did and experienced there. View Post

Zürich // Part One

Last week, my family and I came back from Zürich in Switzerland. As I enjoyed my time there a lot, I decided that I would share with you all what I did and what I visited. I will have to write more than one post, because there are so many things to explain and a lot of photos too. View Post


Last weekend, my family and I decided to go on a little trip to Andorra. We spent only a night there, but that was exactly what we wanted, as we thought it would be quite relaxing, and it really was. View Post