What Kind of Gift Giver Are You?

Christmas is nearly here. This means that most of us are a bit stressed trying to find the perfect present for our loved ones. I will try to help you by writing a gift guide which will be up soon, but in the meantime I would like to talk about something else. To be precise, I would like to talk about what kinds of gift giver we can find out there. Even though I am going to be talking about me in this post, I am sure you will be able to recognise some of the things that you do as well. View Post

Formen Makeup

You already know that I wear makeup from time to time. As I discussed in a blog post a while ago, it is something that we should all be able to do if we want to. In fact, I have been more interested in makeup since I wrote that post. I have been trying to learn more about it and I have talked about this topic with several people, including some male and female friends. Because of this, I have been able to discover new products and new brands, such as the one that I am going to talk about today. View Post

Leather Macbook Sleeve | Harber London

Nowadays our laptops are one of the most important items in our lives and we use them a lot. I personally need it for university and for working, although I use it for leisure too. Because of this, I have to carry it with me most of the time. That’s not a problem for me at all, but I want it to be protected when I’m out and about. For this reason, I had to find a good sleeve for it. This can be quite tricky sometimes though. View Post

How To Start a Blog

Today’s my blog’s second anniversary. It is mad that it’s been two years already since I uploaded my first post. It is also mad how much my life has changed since then. Blogging has become an essential part of my life now, as I honestly need to keep on creating new content. In fact, I personally think that my blog has helped me discover who I am and who I am not. It has made me feel more confident too – I have met so many people thanks to my blog and that is something mind-blowing considering how shy I used to be. Because of all the joy blogging has brought to my life, I thought I could share with you some tips on how to start a blog in case you are interested in having your own space on the Internet. View Post

Recent Grooming Pickups

Even though I love trying new products, every time I find one that works, I get used to using it all the time. This is why it has been a while since I last shared with you new grooming products. Basically, I have not tried many in the last few months. However, thanks to Male Skin, I have been able to try several products very recently and I have fallen in love with some of them already. So it’s time for me to share with you the ones that I loved the most and that I will probably be using for a long time. View Post