You may all know that I’m a big fan of Instagram and that I’m constantly checking out people’s photos. In fact, I would love to have an amazing Instagram feed, which is why I always try to upload as much high-quality content as possible. Even though I think I still need to improve so many things about it, my feed is quite clean and I’m proud of it. Many of you really like it too and you’ve noticed the effort, which may be the reason why some have asked me how I edit the photos I post. View Post

There are some stages in our life in which we have a lot of different things to do, and they take a lot of time but we only have 24h each day. For this reason, we always need to find a way to make the most of it. Nowadays, I would say I have three main tasks: studying, working and blogging. Sometimes I really struggle with it, but I personally think that I’m getting better at it. I’m doing well with my degree, I’m working a lot and I upload a new post every single week. View Post

There are rules for every aspect of our life, and most of them do not even make sense to us anymore. This also happens in the fashion industry, as some events require a certain kind of outfit so that you can attend them. Personally, I think rules are made to break them. Of course I am not saying you can break any rule, but those pointless ones that the only thing they do is limit our imagination and creativity can’t be followed all the time. View Post

I am obsessed with marble, and you probably knew that already if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I have a marble case for my phone, another one for my laptop and I have a marble jumper too. However, that is not enough, I guess, so I always have a look at new marble whatever that I can buy or make myself. In fact, this is how I came up with the idea of this post. View Post

It is Pancake Day on Tuesday, and I really want to celebrate it. However, I won’t have time to make some pancakes on Tuesday, so I decided to make some this weekend. This way I can also share with you the results so that you can get some ideas and make your own. I am pretty basic when it comes to pancakes, and that can be a bit boring after a while. Because of this, I wanted to do something a bit different. View Post