The New Zoel Hernández

boy wearing a suit and a saddle bag for his blog

Four years. 1,461 days. That’s the exact amount of time that I’ve been blogging. On Nov 15, 2015 I uploaded my first blog post ever. I remember being quite excited about the idea of writing about my hobbies and experiences. What I did not expect was that some people would actually read those articles. Since then, my blog became the best way for me to bring to light all the creativity that I hadn’t been able to show before.

Opening myself to the world thanks to blogging has brought so many positive things to my life, both personally and professionally. Firstly, I’ve met lots of new people through the internet that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I can even consider some of them my friends now. Moreover, this blog has opened up doors that have let me collaborate with some incredible brands or attend events like 080 Barcelona, among others.

Throughout the years, has become an extension of my personality. I would even say that it has evolved along with me. In fact, every change that I have experienced in these four years has been projected onto this blog. However, almost a year ago all of this changed. My life was busier than ever since I was working and trying to finish my last year at university. The lack of free time that this situation caused meant that I had no time at all to write high quality posts for this blog. So I quit.

Now, I’m back. I’ve been planning this relaunch for several months now and I think I’m finally ready. As I said, this blog has suffered an evolution similar to mine, including my increasing interest in fashion. Actually, I am now going to study Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins. I’m quite sure studying there be a life-changing experience. This new era in my life is also going to cause changes on In fact, my plan is to make it an online fashion magazine curated by me. I might also post about beauty and my life, but the main focus will be on fashion from now on.

I’m extremely excited to show you some other articles I have been writing, but you will have to wait a bit more. Not too much, though, so be patient. In any case, I hope you are excited about the new Zoel Hernández and enjoy the changes as much as I’m enjoying them myself.

boy wearing a suit and a saddle bag for his blog
What I am wearing
Blazer: Vintage
Trousers: Zara
T-shirt: Lefties
Bag: Jaded London
Sneakers: Alexander McQueen


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