Men’s Natural Makeup Tutorial

tutorial men's natural makeup

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by MMUK, however, all opinions are my own.

I have talked quite a few times about makeup products, but I have never really told you how I use them. Because of this, I thought it could be interesting to explain step by step how I do so in a tutorial. I feel like men tend to go for a more natural look most of the time, so I wanted to start with it. In fact, it is the kind of makeup look I like because it is quite subtle – it is basically a way of enhancing your natural beauty. I should remind you that I am not an expert or a makeup artist, so the way I use these products could be totally wrong. However, it works for me, which is why I do it this way.


The first step is always moisturising your skin. It is very important to keep it hydrated especially if you are going to cover it with makeup afterwards. I’m currently using the one from Murad that you can see in the photos. I have used it a lot in the past and I think it is perfect for summer because it helps you control the oils on your skin. Moreover, it contains some SPF, although that’s not enough to protect you. You should apply a proper SPF on top of your moisturiser anyway. Once your skin is ready, you can move on to the next step.


I didn’t use a primer before applying my makeup until recently, but now I think it is essential. You may be wondering why it is so important to use one of them. Well, it is a way of protecting your skin from the rest of the products that you’ll put on so that your pores don’t get clogged. I have noticed that thanks to the primer I don’t get as many spots as before. Moreover, your makeup will last for longer if you use a primer. The one I normally use is the Camera Ready Foundation Primer from MMUK. It is tinted already and it leaves your skin feeling velvety soft. Also, you only need a small amount to cover all your face.


After a primer you normally use some foundation. However, I don’t use any on a daily basis because it would take me longer to get ready and I want a very natural look. For this reason, I go straight to the concealer. Personally, I prefer a liquid concealer such as MMUK’s Under Eye Concealer. As its name shows, it is applied under your eyes in order to make you look more awake and healthy. You can also use it to cover any blemishes or spots that you may have. It is important that you choose the right shade, otherwise it’ll look too bright or too dark. You can even play with some coloured concealers, although I am not going to go into detail about them today.

tutorial men's natural makeup


Then I move on to the bronzer. I mainly use it as a way of contouring my face. Even though I’ve got a contour palette, a bronzer can give you a more natural appearance. This way, you can use it daily. I apply it under my cheeks and all over my jawline in order to make my face look less round. It is also a good way to reduce – visually – your double chin. I also add some on my forehead to create some depth. My advice is that you should be careful with it if you are very pale, you’ll have to blend it properly. If you don’t do that, you’ll end up with a face full of brown circles. Moreover, make sure you remove the excess before putting it onto your face. The one I always use is MMUK’s one (here).

Finishing Powder

Finally, I use some finishing powder or translucent powder. You can’t really see this product once you apply it, but it is very useful. It removes all the shine from your face so that it looks matte. This is perfect if you have oily skin like me, especially in summer. You can put it on all over your face but make sure you focus on your T zone, which is the part that can be shiny more often. I use two of them quite regularly. The first one is from House of Formen, which is a brand that I talked about a while ago, and the other one is from Mýego.

Again, I am not an expert and this is probably not the right way to apply your makeup, but it works for me. I’m willing to learn more and more about how to use makeup properly, so make sure you comment down below any tips you can give me. Moreover, I’ve linked all the products I’ve used just in case you want to buy them. I’m glad to announce that MMUK gave me a discount code to share with you. You only have to use ZOEL25 to get 25% off your order before you check out. Just so that you are aware, I don’t earn anything from that. I would also love to know if you would like me to write other kinds of makeup tutorials in the future.



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    Love this! Definitely have to try this routine out.

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