Summer Trends 2018 | What I’m Going to Be Wearing

summer trends 2018

Summer is nearly here and we have to get ready for it. It is important to start thinking about all the outfits we want to wear during this season, especially if you want to go on holidays. For me, it is more difficult to create nice outfits in summer, which is why I prefer winter fashion. However, I thought it could be interesting to share with you some of the stuff I am going to be wearing in SS18. I am going to talk about “trends”, although I hate this term because you can wear whatever you want no matter what other people say. Let’s start!

Vertical Stripes

This is a trend I am loving at the moment. You can find stripes in literally everything. In fact, I think that a stripy shirt is essential in anyone’s wardrobe nowadays. They are very easy to wear and you can experiment a lot with them as well. If you like the classic ones but with an updated touch, you should check out the ones from Mennace. You’ll find some that are very nice, such as the one that I am wearing here. I would also include in this category bowling shirts. I am obsessed with the one I am wearing in the photos included in this post. It is from Zara and it was quite affordable.

Printed Shirts

Let’s continue with the shirt obsession. Now it is time to talk about printed shirts. I felt in love with the ones from Prada but they are way too expensive for me. However, I have seen so many good ones in Zara, Topman and even Pull&Bear. They are EVERYWHERE. One of my favourites is this one from Topman. I would include Hawaiian shirts in this trend as well. Again, they are also everywhere, but if I were you I’d check out Zara – I’m not sponsored btw haha but I think they’re bringing out really cool stuff. Joel (aka Gallucks) was wearing one the other day that I really liked. You can see it here.

All White Everything

I have never ever worn an all white outfit, but I want to try it. I want to experiment a little bit with my style at the moment and I think this is a good way. To be honest, I think the riskiest part of it are white jeans but I am so tempted to buy some soon. To be fair, I have worn white shorts in the past, so there’s nothing to be worried about, is there? I think a good transition point would be wearing lighter colours, although I might just go for it.

summer trends 2018 summer trends 2018

Pastel Colours

Even though I wore a pastel pink T-shirt last summer and I liked it, I have never been a huge fan of pastel colours. In fact, pastel pink may be the one that I like the most. Some greens are also quite nice though. Again, I have seen some interesting pieces out there, but I have not bought any of them yet. I’m starting to think this post is a declaration of intentions actually. We’ll see!

Athletic Wear

Making athletic wear fashionable is one of the best ideas ever and I am glad it happened somehow. A few years ago, no one would’ve ever thought I’d be wearing sportswear. I only used them to do sport and hated wearing tracksuits out and about. Things have changed drastically now, apparently. I even combine athletic wear with formal wear. I will obviously be following this trend this summer because I’m going to be quite comfy and it will look cool. Moreover, I personally really like some that are 80s inspired – they look amazing.

Short Shorts

We’ve seen some designer short shorts coming out recently. Prada, for example, showcased some of them in their last runway show. However, I must admit that there’s a pair from Off-White that I love. These are the ones I am talking about and I think they can look really good depending on how you style them. For example, I love how Joel wear them here. We can also find some affordable ones in Asos for example, although I must admit I don’t like them as much as the Off-White one haha.

summer trends 2018

Side Stripe

This is something that has been around for a long time now but I am still obsessed with it. I think the side stripe adds something extra to your outfit making it look cooler. Moreover, there are many different options available since the stripe can be added to literally anything – I have recently bought a sofa with a red side stripe haha – in any colour you can think of.

This is basically all I am going to be wearing this summer and what I consider are going to be some of the main trends. I would love to know what you think of them and what items you think I should check out too. As I said, this post could also be considered a summary of my intentions for this summer. I may not follow all these trends during the summer, but if I do, you’ll definitely see some photos on my Instagram. Make sure you follow me (@zoelhl).


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