Am I Real Enough?

real enough denim instagram

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I come across so many different things and, to be honest, lots of them are rubbish. However, I do find some gems as well. For example, the other day I watched a few instastories from @Philorose (aka Victoria) that inspired me a lot. In fact, she made me feel like I had to write this post. I just want to find out how real I am on social media, especially on Instagram. Well… Let’s be honest, I am probably going to ramble a little bit too.

Victoria basically talked about how her instastories had become very aesthetically pleasing and PR friendly, but they lacked some realness. She is willing to change that now by sharing more “in the moment” snaps. By being more natural. This is in fact what inspired me because, as she said, people want to know YOU. I couldn’t agree more with her. We are all a bit nosy and we all love seeing more about someone else’s life. I think it’s part of our human nature.

The problem is that we are all too focused on what other people will think about what we post or what we do in general. This is why people want to be perfect and why we all share our best moments in a very aesthetically pleasing way. However, by doing this we are losing our realness and thus, our personal identity. Our differences and imperfections are what makes us be us. We should be proud of them. We should not hide them.

Now let’s talk about myself. I don’t really think I am that bad at being real on social media. I share almost everything on Instagram, Twitter and even here. However, it is true that I do filter my content a lot. For example, I try to make my Instagram photos as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This means that I’m not posting many “in the moment” pics. I’m not willing to change this, though, as I’m very happy with it. I love working hard to maintain it. In fact, I only do it because I like it, and that’s the main reason why there won’t be any change for now.

Instagram stories are different. I feel like they are the perfect place to share who we are with our followers, to be the real you. We can create a closer relationship with our audience this way, I think. My aim recently has been to make my snaps look better, but that’s not good if I want to share more real content. For example, I spend too much time editing and preparing each photo. It does not take too long, but it does take longer that it should. This is why I have to change the way I use instastories.

I have decided that I am going to combine aesthetically pleasing content with unfiltered content in order to make my snaps more real. Balance is key. I also think I should film myself more often because I love it when other people do it. I feel it is a great way to communicate with your followers. Why shouldn’t I do the same with the people who like what I do?

I’m not sure if I will stick to everything I’ve said, but I will definitely try. I’m sorry if I rambled too much. I needed to talk about this because I think we should all start being more real on social media. I also want thank Victoria for making me think about this. You should all have a look at her stuff. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this topic in the comments. Just “say something really real”.

real enough denim instagram



  1. April 17, 2018 / 10:51 am

    Victoria is absolutely right and I’m so glad you have written this blog post. It’s all about authenticity and THE FUN OF IT ALL. Peeps better watch out for my super quirky stories this summer 🙂

    • April 17, 2018 / 10:55 pm

      Exactly! Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t wait for those stories 😏

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