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Nowadays our laptops are one of the most important items in our lives and we use them a lot. I personally need it for university and for working, although I use it for leisure too. Because of this, I have to carry it with me most of the time. That’s not a problem for me at all, but I want it to be protected when I’m out and about. For this reason, I had to find a good sleeve for it. This can be quite tricky sometimes though. There is a huge variety of options out there, but most of them are not very stylish. However, today I am going to show you a sleeve that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing, which I think is the perfect combination.

Harber London is a family run brand from London that provides a great selection of leather goods including camera straps, wallets and travel bags. Their products are handmade in a small workshop in Spain, which means that they have been crafted using traditional techniques. One of their aims is to create products that are simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. To do this, they use some of the most premium and exclusive materials available.

Among their products, you can find their Classic Leather Macbook Sleeve which is the one that I love the most. There are two different colours available and both of them are as beautiful. However, I had to choose the black one mainly because I think it suits my style better – most of my clothes are black as you already know. What I love the most about its design is that the 100% wool felt and the Full Grain Vegetable tanned leather have been stitched in a very minimalistic way. I am also sure that the leather will age overtime adding a bit of personality to the product. In fact, this is something I really value in this kind of items. You also get two leather pockets on the front for your earphones, phone or a small notebook or notepad.

The design is obviously very important when you choose your perfect sleeve, but usability and functionality are also essential. It is actually the main reason why we use sleeves. This one in particular does not protect your laptop enough if you drop it. To be honest, I don’t think many sleeves will be able to do that. You may consider it a negative aspect, although it is not that important to me personally. The only thing that I want is to avoid any scratches or little bumps that can appear after using your Macbook on a daily basis. That is more than enough for me, and I am sure those who are constantly on the move will agree on that. Harber London’s sleeve can definitely do that while also being elegant and super slim.

To be honest, I am really happy with this new sleeve and I could not thank Harber London more for the gift. It is definitely the kind of product I was looking for. Its design couldn’t be better and my Macbook will not suffer any damage as long as I don’t drop it. Because of this, I strongly recommend that you check out their website and have a look at all their different products. You will probably fall in love with at least one of them. However, don’t worry if you don’t. As I said at the beginning, there are lots of other options to choose from. You will just need to find the best one for you. My advice is that you have to make sure you know what you need. This way it will be much easier.

macbook sleeve harber london outfit

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