Adele The Finale

Adele The Finale

You may already know that especially if you follow me on twitter, but Adele is my favourite artist on Earth. I love her for her music, of course, but also for her personality, as I think she is one of the best people to admire for many different reasons. I actually saw her last year in Barcelona and I thought it was probably going to be the last time I would do so, at least for a few years. Because of this, I was very happy when she announced her last few shows in London and I actually managed to get some tickets. Anyway, I am basically going to use this post as a way of sharing my experience at Adele’s show in Wembley with you, but also I would like it to be the place to keep all my memories from it. So here we go.

I would like to talk about how stressing getting tickets was. I really wanted to see her again and I was going to do so with a friend that I hadn’t seen in person before. I queued for a while and I could get a ticket for June 29th and a few minutes later I could her two tickets (one for me and the other one for my friend) for July 1st. We were over the moon. I also had to book a few days in London and, because I love the UK, I decided to spend a few days in Brighton afterwards, which is what I am actually doing right now as I am writing this.

I arrived in London last week and I was extremely excited. Even though I had a few problems at the beginning of the trip (it was a nightmare tbh), I managed to solve it all so that I could enjoy the experience. I woke up quite early on the 29th so that I could explore London. I always love to just get lost and find some really nice places to visit or eat. Then, I headed home to change my backpack for a bum bag, as people were not allowed to bring large bags to the show for safety reasons.

At the venue, I met another friend that I had never been able to meet because she’s from Scotland (remind me that I should go there soon). It definitely was one of the best moments of the day. I was extremely nervous, I don’t know why. I bought some merch there too. I bought a wrist band and two posters, which I had to send home because I cannot take them with me on the plane. I didn’t think about that before I got them to be honest. Then we waited together for a while, but I had to go back to my entrance later on.

I would like to talk about the security measures they took because I think it was something very important and that they actually did a great job. It was all quite intense, and apparently Adele asked for them to be more cautious than usual. First of all, people was randomly scanned while they were queueing. Then, once you had passed the gate with your ticket, you were padded down and asked some questions. Afterwards, they checked your bags and tied up a lace to show that they had already been registered.

The show started and I honestly had the best time of my life. I tried not to use my phone because I wanted to enjoy it in real life, however, I did film some bits from each song and took a few photos because that way I can remember it better. Her voice, as always, was absolutely amazing. She is also very funny as you may already know if you’ve been to any of her shows or have seen them online. I feel like it is not only her music what makes her shows incredible, but also her attitude and her humour.

I feel like it is also important to mention that she used the shows to raise some money in order to help people affected at the Grenfell Tower fire. She has been involved with them since day one, and according to what she said, they are not getting everything we think they are getting. What’s even worse is that people are starting to forget about them, which is really sad. Apparently, what Adele is going to do is saving the money till they know how they will use it, so that it is not wasted. If you want to donate £5 you can text UNITE to 70005.

Even though I enjoyed it a lot, I knew that Saturday was going to be even better because I would have the opportunity to experience it with a friend that loves her as much as I do. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, as you probably have heard on the news because she had to cancel her last two shows.

On Friday, some Daydreamers (that’s how the fandom is called) went to The Duke of Wellington in Notting Hill to have dinner and spend some time together. We had an amazing time, but unfortunately I had to leave a bit earlier than the rest. That was actually quite sad. Then I arrived home and I couldn’t sleep, so I checked all my social media as I always do.

While I was scrolling down through my timeline on Twitter, I got a notification saying that Adele had tweeted (that was actually surprising because she does not tweet that often). Little did I know about the content of that tweet. When I read the letter she had posted saying that they had just taken the decision to cancel the shows, I was devastated. However, I completely understood it because her health always comes first. I’d rather not go to that show than not being able to hear her voice ever again. I am sure she was devastated too.

The next day was a bit sad for me because I really wanted to go to the show. I decided that I would spend my day around London and that me and my friend would meet anyway and explore the city together. Some Daydreamers went to Wembley anyway and sang lots of Adele songs. I wish I had been there too because I am sure it was magical. At least, that’s what the videos show. I am so glad that I have been able to meet such wonderful people to be honest.

I can’t wait till Adele gets better, but she definitely needs her time. Vocal cords may take some time to heal, and she definitely needs to be completely recovered before rescheduling the shows. I really hope she reschedules and I actually think she’ll try because she does not want to end the tour this way. However, we never know because we don’t know how long it will take for her to be recovered.




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