Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

It has been so hot recently. Even in places like the UK the temperature has been crazy. I have always thought that dressing up is more difficult during this time of the year, as it is hard to create nice outfits that are also comfortable and that help you stay cool. I feel like it is much easier to layer up, which is what we do in winter. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what are my summer essentials, which are the essentials for this kind of weather, basically.

Oversized T-shirt

On a daily basis, I tend to wear t-shirts only. For me it is the most comfortable option and we have a huge variety of styles to choose. I think that the best option is an oversized t-shirt, not only because I love oversized clothing as you all probably know, but also because they help you stay cool in the heat. It is always nice to have a flow of fresh air cooling your body when it’s hot. My favourite kind of oversized t-shirts at the moment are the ones with raw hems and dropped shoulders, like the one I am wearing in the photos.

Ripped Denim Shorts

I wear jeans all the time, but it is just impossible to wear them here in summer. For this reason, I think that shorts are essential for this weather. Again, there are so many different options available, but I am a big fan of denim shorts, maybe because it is the summer version of the black jeans I always tend to wear. Moreover, I am so glad there are lots of distressed shorts nowadays. Those big holes are great for this hot weather, as well as really short shorts.

Bum Bag

I wasn’t going to buy any bum bag and I didn’t have one before, but I am going to Adele’s show at Wembley Stadium and I am not allowed to bring any backpack for security reasons. Because of that, I had to look for another option and here is where bum bags appeared in my life. Actually, Gallucks shared some from ASOS on his blog and I found one that I quite liked, which is the one in the photos. Now I think it is a summer essential because it is perfect for music events including concerts and festivals, and also for just going around town if you need to carry a few items with you but you don’t want to use a full-size bag.


Obviously, I highly recommend that you wear some socks. However, I wanted to talk about wearing long socks and shorts. It is something that many people are doing at the moment and, at first, I thought it was not very cool. Now I am the one wearing them, so I can say I’ve changed my mind, which is always good guys. I could say I am an extremist in this sense, as I only wear this kind of long sporty socks or invisible socks. Both of them are great, but I think that the long ones add an extra touch to the outfit. Let me know what you think of them.

White Sneakers

Sneakers are the most comfortable option when it comes to footwear. You can also wear sandals or flip flops, which I personally really like, but they can’t beat sneakers, sorry. I have realised that all my footwear is black and white, and I think this is really good because I can use them with more different outfits. I am all about the all white sneakers too. They are hard to keep clean, but they look absolutely amazing. Mine are a pair of Ultraboosts that I showed you in another post (here) and I love them. The sole is silver though, but they are basically all white.

I hope you liked my essentials and the outfit. Let me know what your summer essentials are in the comments down below, as I would love to know if they are similar to mine or not. I am also going to ask for some help today, as I would love to know what kind of content do you enjoy the most because I want to blog more and I need some ideas. Please let me know in the comments or contact me using any of my social media.

What I am wearing

Oversized T-shirt | Denim Shorts | Bum Bag | Socks | Sneakers



  1. July 2, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    You’re right when you mention that the UK has been unprecedented hot – We’re not used to this! I prefer winter when I can layer items!

    Jordan |

    • July 2, 2017 / 7:50 pm

      In winter fashion is much more enjoyable in that sense, ’cause you can play around with many different pieces

  2. September 1, 2023 / 12:48 pm

    These summer essentials look like they are a must have! You sparked a desire in me to get them. Thanks!!

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