The Start of a Collection

The Start of a Collection

It is obvious that I love fashion and that I am constantly buying new clothes. In fact, I have a bit of an obsession with both jackets and sneakers. I don’t know why but I always find new jackets that I love and new sneakers that are sick. The thing is that I do not normally spend a lot of money on these items, mainly because I change my mind about clothing pieces quite often. However, I want to start investing in certain items, and I decided to start with sneakers. In the future, I will do the same with jackets, and hopefully I will end up with my entire wardrobe full of high quality pieces.

As I said, I’ve started with sneakers, and the thing is that I have been obsessed with Ultra Boost for a long LONG time. It is not only because they are everywhere, as I am not that kind of person that likes what everybody else is wearing. It is because I really like the design and they are very comfy. I wasn’t sure about the colour that I wanted, and I have tried to cop the Triple Black ones twice. However, they always sell out incredibly fast. The other day, though, Adidas released their Ultra Boost 3.0 Crystal White and I just knew that I had to buy them.

The colours Adidas chose for these sneakers are absolutely gorgeous. They are Crystal White (of course) and Clear Brown. However, what I like the most is their sole, as it is not the white one Ultra Boosts normally have – it is silver. Even though I love them so much, I already know it will be a nightmare to clean them once they are all dirty. For this reason, I am planning to spray them with Jason Markk Repel or any similar product, just to prevent them from getting dirty. If you are interested, I can write a post about how I normally clean my sneakers in the future, just let me know.

I feel like it is also important to talk about the box when you buy a pair of sneakers. Normally people tend to forget about it, as most people think it is irrelevant. However, it is our first impression when we get a new pair. When you buy some sneakers from other brands, the box usually feels quite luxurious, but in this case it doesn’t. It is just a simple box in white and yellow, nothing too special to be honest. I would also like to mention that the shipping was quite fast, as I didn’t have to wait too much for them to be delivered, which is always great.

I feel like I am going to start showing you more and more sneakers and many other items, as this is just the start of a collection. I hope I can add to it lots of really nice pieces in the future from many different brands that I love, although I will have to be careful not to spend all my money. I would love to know what you think of the Ultra Boost in general and this ones in particular. Also, don’t forget to comment down below if you would like to see the post about how I clean my sneakers.


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