May Favourites

May Favourites

I know it may be a bit early for a May favourites post, but it has been a while since I last shared my favourites with you. I must warn you that this time I will include quite a few clothing pieces, as I’m currently buying too many clothes for the summer. Apart from the fact that I need summer clothes, I am also buying more items because I want to post more outfits here. I feel it is what I want to start doing now that I feel more comfortable having some photoshoots (although it’s still weird), and I hope you also enjoy it. Anyway, let start with the favourites.

The first item I would like to talk about is my new T-shirt from Granted. As you saw in last week’s post (here) I have recently purchased my first item from this brand. I must say that it feels weird to wear this T-shirt because the two T-shirts it is made up of have different fits. However, I think it is very cool and, once you get used to it, it is also very comfy. I have to tell you that I have just bought another piece from Granted… #SozNotSoz… this time it was a bit more expensive, but it is a limited collection in collaboration with Gallucks. I will tell you more about it when it arrives.

If I had to choose my favourite brand of the month, it would probably be Forever 21. I do not normally like their clothes, but they’ve been doing a great job recently to be honest. I feel like you can buy lots of affordable pieces that are also very, let’s say, trendy, although I hate that word. For example, I bought this dye tee which I really loved and I have worn it a lot so far. I must say I saw one from George Jakubs that I like even more, but it was much more expensive, so this one will do for now. I really like the oversized fit that it has. I got an M and it is still quite big.

Another item that I bought from Forever 21 is this pair of joggers. Nowadays we can find side stripes everywhere. It is something I personally really like and when I saw these joggers I knew I had to buy them because they were also very comfy. To be honest, I do not normally wear joggers so we can say I needed a pair too. I had them tailored because they were a bit long and I wanted them cropped, but it was very inexpensive. Unfortunately, they are not available anymore, but I linked an alternative at the end of the post in case you want to check it out.

I have already talked about Star Wars Fragrances (here), but I feel like I need to tell you about them again. This is not sponsored or anything like that, just to let you know. The thing is that since I got sent these fragrances I have used them a lot, especially Droid, which is the most subtle one. It smells amazing and it is a very fresh scent, which is the main reason why I love it that much.

Last but not least, I would like to talk about my favourite TV series at the moment. I actually watched it in April, but it is still my favourite one. Have you heard of 13 Reasons Why? Well, that’s the one I love. I know almost everyone has seen it already, but I just needed to express it here. It has been criticised for so many things, and I actually don’t know if these people are right or not. The only thing that I know is that I really liked the story and how useful the series has been in order to make people talk about suicide. I personally think it is a topic that we don’t like to mention, but it is important to do it and help the ones that are having suicidal thoughts (always according to what professionals recommend of course).

I hope you liked these items that I have been loving this month. What do you think of them? Would you buy any? I would also love to know what you have been loving, so make sure you leave a comment. You can also tweet me (here) the items or message me on Instagram (here). Also, let me know what you think about the outfit posts that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

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