My Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine

I have already mentioned a few products that I use or that I have tried here before, and I always try to explain how I use them and why I like the products. However, I have never shared with you my complete evening routine, and I think it is time to do it now. To be honest, it is quite simple and very basic. Also, I must say I tend to forget about it and lots of spots start to appear again. I would like to mention that this routine will not work for everybody, it is just the one that works for me.

The first product I use is a face wash in order to remove the first layer of dirt. It is very important keep you skin clean before you go on with the routine, otherwise, the rest of the products won’t be as effective as they should be. I use Bull Dog’s Original Face Wash and I am very happy with it. I actually bought this product for my father, but he wasn’t using it, so I gave it a go. You only need to use some warm water, apply it, massage your face and rinse it. My face feels really soft and clean afterwards.

After this, I exfoliate my skin. For this, I use Clinique For Men’s Face Scrub, which I think is great. When you apply it, it feels like you are using sand on your face. I personally like that because I can feel it is actually doing something, although it may be too harsh for certain kinds of skin. It is important to massage your skin while you apply it, but also while you are rinsing it off. I do not exfoliate my skin daily, though. I tend to do it two or three times a week, as I do not want to damage my skin.

Then, I always use a toner to remove the rest of the dirt and also to prepare my skin for the next step. I feel like it is important to use it every night and every morning. I am not going to recommend you any toner because I don’t have a favourite one yet. In fact, I really want to try Lush’s Tea Tree Water, which is quite good or, at least, that is what I’ve heard. I will let you know if I try it or if I prefer any other toner.

Sometimes I skip the last two steps and I use Perricone MD’s Blue Plasma, which is a peeling treatment. I personally like it because it offers a soft exfoliation, and it is very easy and quick to use. You only need to apply three or four drops and rub it in. Wait for a few minutes and then apply your moisturiser.

Now it is time to moisturise my skin. For this, I always try to use an oil-free moisturiser because my skin is already quite oily. My favourite one at the moment is Menscience’s Advanced Face Lotion because my skin feels so fresh when I use it. Sometimes, though, especially when I use Blue Plasma, I like to use Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma. Even though it is not oil-free, it does not make my skin even more oily than it already is. Then I normally apply an SPF, although I am looking for a new one that is not as oily as the one that I currently use, so again, if I find a good one, I’ll let you know asap.

Sometimes I include a face mask in my routine after cleaning my face. However, I’d rather not talk about face masks yet, as I will probably be writing a post about them soon. Just keep your eyes peeled. I hope you liked the post and, as always, let me know if there is any product that you would like me to try. Also, which products do you normally use?

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  1. September 16, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    Zoel!!!!!! Me encanta tu blog, creo que tenemos que tener unas conversaciones largas y profundas acerca de lo maravilloso que es poder haber realizado un trabajo como este! Soy jose Carlos, del grupo de WhatsApp de Adele… Acuérdate de mi Instagram y pásate! : @josecarlosny
    Te escribo para darte la enhorabuena por el sitio y para que me recomiendes más acerca del ritual de limpieza porque son marcas que nunca he utilizado.. Y quiero saber si probaste al final las otras marcas que querías probar de los tónicos o no… ya me contarás por WhatsApp.
    un abrazo amigo y te dejo el enlace de mi página que también estoy intentando que sea al menos parecida a la grandeza de la tuya! 😘

    • September 16, 2017 / 4:57 pm

      Muchas gracias!! Al final me quedo con el tonico de Lush de arbol de té, va genial!

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