There are some stages in our life in which we have a lot of different things to do, and they take a lot of time but we only have 24h each day. For this reason, we always need to find a way to make the most of it. Nowadays, I would say I have three main tasks: studying, working and blogging. Sometimes I really struggle with it, but I personally think that I’m getting better at it. I’m doing well with my degree, I’m working a lot and I upload a new post every single week. In fact, I’ve posted twice this week. I feel very proud of myself, so I’m going to share what I normally do to make the most of my time. However, each one of us may need a different method, it’s all about finding what works better for you.


Normally we have a lot of different tasks each day and we can feel a bit overwhelmed, so the best thing we can do is writing them down in a to-do list. It is a great way to know what we need to do and to remember it all. Then we need to select the most important tasks or maybe the ones that need to be done first. This is basically what prioritising means. It is so simple and helpful at the same time, as it is the best first step to get things done.

Plan Ahead

In order to be able to do everything you need to plan ahead. There are a lot of different apps for your phone or laptop that you can use, although I’d rather use my planner and my calendar for that. I don’t know why, but I don’t really like using technology for this, as I find it is easier for me to have it all written down on paper. To be able to plan what you need to do, it is important to keep in mind how much time you want to spend on each task and, again, prioritise them. You should try to stick to what you plan, but if something has to be changed, don’t panic! It may be stressful because you’ll probably need to re-schedule everything but try to keep calm.

Be Realistic

It is essential to set goals, but they need to be realistic. Be careful with that, because it may be quite difficult at the beginning to know if you’ll be able to do everything in time. However, you only need to try and see if you can do it or if you struggle with it too much. For example, I know that I can’t upload a post every day to this blog because I don’t have time and they would probably be rubbish. For this reason, my goal is to upload once a week, although I may post more often from time to time.

Say No

Saying no is one of the most important things in every single aspect of our lives. I personally think it helps us to establish our limits, and maybe who we are too. In this case, it is important to say no because it will limit how much we will have to work. Again, being realistic about it helps a lot, so don’t forget about that. Sometimes it is better to refuse doing something than trying to do it but not being able to give our best at it. As a result, it will be really stressful and disappointing, which is not what we want. For this reason, we must learn to say no from time to time, and only say yes when we really feel like it’ll be possible for us to do the task or when we really like what we would have to do.

Take a Break

Yes, we have to work and study and do a million things, but we also need to chill out and have fun. Going out with friends, having a lie in and even procrastinating a little bit will make us feel refreshed and ready to work. Also, life is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t spend all your time working, not even if you love your job. Don’t you feel more creative, more inspired and energetic after holidays? Why not going out for dinner with friends or family and forget about everything else? That’s really healthy for both our bodies and our minds.

I hope you found this post useful, and that you can apply it to your life. I try to do everything that I have mentioned, although I sometimes forget about it, which is why I’ve also decided to write it down here. You may have noticed that the outfit in this photos is the one in Wednesday’s post (here) and, in fact, it is from the same photoshoot. However, I’ve decided to include it here because I’m in love with the pictures and I wanted to share them, and also, to be honest, because I could not think of any other image to include in this post. Because of this, I realised that I may be working too much lately, which I need to sort out asap. I hope you don’t mind, though.

What I am wearing

Hoodie | Shirt | Jeans | Socks | Sneakers

. . .

*This post contains PR samples.



  1. March 13, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    Hola! Me encantó tu outfit! 😀
    En lo personal me cuesta un montón no obligarme a hacer mil cosas a la vez, pero últimamente descubrí que llevar una lista de cosas para hacer me está facilitando más la vida. Asi más o menos sé que es lo que puedo hacer por dia y no me olvido nada jaja
    un beso! x

  2. March 13, 2017 / 6:20 pm

    Love this post!

    Chris | Men’s Fashion Blogger |

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