Topman | LFWM

Topman | LFWM

I am definitely not an expert in fashion but it is a world that I have always loved. In fact, I am trying to learn more and more about everything fashion related because I want to improve my style. Because of this, I tend to watch a lot of catwalks, especially during this time of the year, which has been quite busy in the fashion industry, and it is not over yet. Last weekend, we could see what brands had to offer at London Fashion Week Men’s. It is the old London Collections Men, but they’ve changed the name.

A lot of people look forward to Topman Design’s show, which was in fact the opening show of LFWM. It would have been amazing if I had had the opportunity to go to London and live the experience properly, but that didn’t happen (maybe in the future haha). However, thanks to the lovely Internet, I could watch it from home. I really enjoyed it and I believe those designs were very cool, even though I think they were not wearable piece. I feel like the concept behind the collection was the real attraction of it.

As I liked the show so much I’ve decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces from it. I have also included the video of the show at the end of the post in case you want to watch it. If you like this idea and you would like to see more posts like this one, make sure to let me know, as I have been considering writing more post about other catwalks. Another show that I have enjoyed so much is Dolce&Gabbana’s show in Milan, for example.

Denim, denim and more denim. I am a big fan of wearing different shades of denim in an all-denim outfit. Even though I am a skinny jeans person, I still like this design a lot. It is also quite easy to dress up like this, as wearing the same colour in different shades makes your outfit look very simple but stylish at the same time. Sometimes combining different colours can be a headache.

Another interesting trend is pastel colours. Topman definitely nailed that with those gorgeous fluor pastel colours that remind us of the 90s. In fact, all the show had a great 90s vibe, which I personally love, maybe because I was born then. Here are some of my favourite outfits with this kind of colours. Even though I would not wear the majority of them, I would love to wear that orange sort of tracksuit, maybe with a black t-shirt and black sneakers.

We could also see some black and white piece, some of which were really gorgeous. One of my favourite ones is the jumper you can see in the picture below. It is also one of the few pieces I would absolutely wear, even though they are a bit extreme. The same happens with the other three jackets. I like how they’ve played with textures and volumes. If I had to choose one of these three, I would choose the leopard printed one. I don’t really know why, but its shape and its colour fascinate me.

*All these images belong to Topman Design, except for the featured image.



  1. January 24, 2017 / 10:10 am

    Great post, very interesting outfits on display! Going to be some big trends in 2017! If you’re still interested in reading more about fashion and men’s style, please take a look at my blog (it’s all about men’s clothing and fashion haha) 🙂

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