Minimal Gift Wrapping Ideas

Minimal Gift Wrapping Ideas

During Christmas we normally get quite a few presents and it is something I really like. However, there is something I like even more, and that is giving presents to other people. Because of this, I always spend so much time thinking about what I can get them, as I want the gifts to be somehow meaningful for the other person. I also spend a lot of time wrapping presents, and it is something that I quite enjoy too. I am very proud of myself this year because I think my wrapping skills have improved. For this reason, today I want to show you how I wrapped the gifts I bought and also give you some tips on how to do so.

I opted for a quite minimalist style, as it is probably my favourite one. You should have a basic idea about how you want the wrapping to look like, but you can also have a look at Pinterest and some inspiration there. I honestly love Pinterest (you can follow me here if you want) for this kind of things, although I should use it more frequently to be honest. Once you decide how you are going to wrap the presents, you can prepare the materials you are going to use. I personally used a black and white box, some white paper and black cardboard, some black and brown string, black and white paint, some tags, some little clothes pegs and some Christmas tree sprigs.

Do you remember the Lush bath bombs I talked about on my Christmas gift guide? Well, things like that are quite tricky to wrap, but you can always put them in a box as I did. This box was already black, but I decided to add some brush-strokes to it. Then I put some string around a side and added the tag using a clothes peg. The tags I used were brown, so I decided to paint some roughly with black paint and some others with white paint. You can still see the brown bits, but I think it looks better this way, what do you think?

Another very simple way to wrap your presents is just by using some white paper. Once you have wrapped it, you can add some black strip as I did. Then you can write the name or add a little tag, which I painted in black to give it a little bit of contrast. You just need to stick a sprig of Christmas tree, and it will look awesome. I think this is cool because it adds some colour to the black and white theme I chose for the presents, and it makes it all look a bit more Christmassy.

You can do the same with the black cardboard. However, I decided to splatter mine with some white paint first, as I did with my little Christmas tree. I must say that this is probably my favourite way of wrapping gifts but it was a bit difficult actually, as cardboard is much thicker than wrapping paper. I even had to use some hot glue because using sellotape was pointless. As it is black, I used some brown string and a tag painted in white to add some contrast again.

If you don’t want to use the materials I have said, you can also wrap the presents using the wrapping paper you want. I chose one in black and silver so that it could match my aesthetics. Always try to keep it simple, and then you can add some extra detail. For example, I added some black string over it, a little tag and some sprigs of Christmas tree. This way it looks much better, and it is still very easy to wrap.

I really hope you have liked this post, as I do enjoy it when people show how they wrap presents. I feel like it is something very creative, and that shows how much time you have spent on it and how much you really care about the small details. If you are looking for more minimal gif wrapping ideas you can check out Drew Scotts video (here), which actually inspired me for writing this post too. Let me know what you think about my wrapping skills and also feel free to share with me your gift wrapping ideas.


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