Recent Grooming Pickups

Recent Grooming Pickups

I haven’t talked about grooming products for a long time. The main reason for this is that I have been using the same products I showed you. They are very good and I love them very much, so I didn’t even think about using any other product. However, I’ve been wanting to try new products recently, but I hadn’t bought any because I wasn’t really sure about it. Very kindly, Mankind sent me a box with new products to try, which has been a great opportunity for a change. These are new additions to their website, some of which are also from new brands.

Closed on Monday Matte Paste

This is probably my favourite hair product ever. I have used so many different products for my hair, but I think this one is perfect for me. I don’t like my hair to look shiny, and some products which are supposed to be matte are actually a bit shiny. However, this Matte Paste is completely matte, and looks so natural on my hair. Also, it holds my hair very well and for quite a long time, even though you should keep in mind that it delivers a medium hold. I basically apply it after blow-drying my hair. You just need to rub a finger tip full of it between your hands and run your fingers through your hair. I really recommend it, especially if you want to add texture to your hair very easily.


Jack Black The Stick Natural Lip Balm

My lips are normally quite dry, and I take care of them all the time. This product has helped me so much with it. I feel like it moisturises your lips a lot, even if you only apply it once a day. Despite that, the best thing about it is its flavour (or scent). There are so many different flavours available, but fresh mint is definitely my favourite one. Your mouth feels so fresh once you apply it. It smells quite a lot, so if you don’t like mint, this product is not for you.


Perricone MD Blue Plasma

Blue Plasma is the most expensive product in this post, but the results you get are very good. You won’t see them just after applying the product, as you need to do it daily so that you can really feel that it is working. However, you may be able to feel that you’re skin is softer and a bit shiny. I would totally recommend this product to anyone, as it such a great product. Despite all of this, I think that the results you can get by using some cheaper products can also be as great, but if you can afford this one, go for it.


Mr Natty Pioneer’s Soap

You can use this product for everything, but I have only tried it to wash my hands and my face. I don’t think I’ll ever use it for my body because I personally prefer a shower gel. However, I must say that it works perfectly well, although it may be a bit strong for my face skin, so I’ll use it for my hands. My skin is so soft and shiny after using it, and you feel very clean. I am not really sure about the scent, though. It is very strong and, although I don’t hate it, I can’t say that I love it.


Men-Ü Black Pepper & Bergamot Shower Gel

This shower gel is perfect for travelling I think. It is very small, but you only need a small amount of it to wash your entire body. My skin feels very nice after using it, I am very happy with it. The fact that it is made with black pepper and bergamot was a bit weird for me at the beginning, but I guess that is what makes this shower gel work. Also, it smells quite well, although my favourite shower gel scent will always be Scaramouche+Fandango’s!

ManCave BlackSpice Beard Set & Woody’s Beard Balm

I can’t try this products because I don’t have a beard, but I wanted to share them with you because I would like you to try them and share with me your opinion. Also, it’s Movember, so they may be interesting for some of you out there. There is also another reason for me to show you these products, but I’ll share it with you in the future! Just keep an eye on my Instagram (here).


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you have discovered some new products to try. I would like you to share with me any other grooming product that you may have tried recently or that you have been using for a long time and you love it.

*This post contains PR samples.

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    • November 13, 2016 / 10:40 pm

      We are a minority haha but more and more guys blog these days! Thanks for stopping by x

      • November 15, 2016 / 11:09 pm

        From one male blogger to another – great post Zoel! Found your blog from a comment on Jim Chapman’s. I’m totally ordering that Lip Balm, I love mint!

        • November 15, 2016 / 11:21 pm

          Thank you! It’s really good tbh, I really like it! Your blog is also very nice, and I love you new boots! x

  1. November 14, 2016 / 12:34 am

    Your pictures are always so so good. Love your posts and your instagram, veeery profesional 👌🏻RL xx

    • November 14, 2016 / 12:37 am

      Thank you very much! Your photos are also amazing! x

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