How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos

Taking photos has always been something I enjoy, which is why I love Instagram. I enjoy discovering new amazing photographers or Instagramers and also uploading cool photos I take. As some people has asked me how I normally take and edit my Instagram photos, I decided to write it all down in a post.

All the photos you can find on my feed have been taken either with my Nikon P500 or with my iPhone 4s. That camera is actually my brother’s old camera and, although I use it for the blog, I want to replace it with a proper DSLR camera. The iPhone is also quite old, but my iPhone 7 Plus is on its way, so you’ll see an improvement in the quality soon.


If I take the photos with the camera, I edit them with Photoshop which is a bit more complicated to explain. If I use my iPhone to take the photos, I don’t use any specific app, just the one that already comes with it. However, I take them in square mode and using the fade filter. This way, I know how it is going to look on Instagram and, using this filter, I get less vibrant colours. This is something some of you might not like, but I personally love it.

I am pretty basic when it comes to editing photos. I hate using a million apps when I am trying to upload an Instagram pictures, which is why I only use the Instagram app. Actually, it has the best editing tools I know.


I don’t apply any filter, I only change the settings. First of all, I slightly increase the brightness and contrast. After that, I change the warmth of the picture. I try to cool down the image quite a lot, so that it fits better in my theme. I also do that by decreasing its saturation. These two things combined let me have a B&W, grey and blue theme, which I love.


Now it is time to increase the highlights and decrease the shadows. By doing this, I add more contrast to the photo, which I think looks very cool. I am all about the shades! I normally sharpen the image a little bit, but only up to 10, as I want this change to be quite subtle.

This post is a collab with NamelessJeff, who is sharing with all of you how he takes and edits his own Instagram photos. Make sure to check out his post (here), as his style is quite different to mine and you will learn a lot. Trust me, he’s quite good at photography!


I hope you found this post useful, and that it lets you improve your Instagram photos. Also, I encourage you all to check out my Instagram account (here) and Jeff’s (here). Let me know if you have any other tip to improve my photos in the comments, and also feel free to ask anything you want.


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