Aki Wallet

Aki Wallet

Finding the wallet you like is a difficult task, especially if you are as picky as me. I must admit that I don’t normally spend too much money on a wallet, as the ones I always use are from shops like Pull&Bear or Zara. They are not the best wallets, but they are useful and I’m not scared of damaging them.

Despite all of that, I am now more interested in high-quality items, as I think that they will last longer, although they can be much more expensive. However, many of these wallets look very old and don’t fit my style (at least that’s what I think). Also, they have a lot of pockets and the only thing they do is to increase the volume of the wallet, which can be annoying if you normally put it in your pocket.


Recently I discovered a new company called Kisetsu. Their wallets are minimalist, and this is something I really like. They’ve got different kinds of wallets, some are smaller than others, but my favourite one was their Aki Wallet. It may seem a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth the money. They sent me the grey version and I have been using it for a few days, and I really wanted to tell you my opinion.

First of all, the packaging is really good. I think it makes you feel like you are buying a very special product, which is actually true. Inside the box, you can find a little bag with the wallet, a small pen, and some kind of instructions which are quite useful to know the purpose of each little pocket.


The thing I like the most about it is that it is very thin and light. I am one of those men who carries they wallet in his pocket all day long, and I don’t like puting it into my backpack (I feel like it’s less safe haha). For this reason I appreciate the lightness. Also, I like the fact that you can put in some coins, as many cool wallets these days don’t have a coin pocket.

The materials are also very nice. It is a very soft and high-quality leather, which feels really good when you hold the wallet. Moreover, the pockets it has are very useful, as they offer you a quick access to everything you need. It even has a “ninja pocket”, in which I am keeping my train tickets (I thought about keeping my debit card there but I didn’t want to have such a quick access to it haha).


If you have the opportunity, you should give this wallet a try. If you want to know more about how to use the wallet, you can check this video. Also, I am interested in other kinds of wallets, so which one do you use or would like to buy?


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