Gender fluid fashion: are we ready for it?

wearing gender fluid outfit

Recently, we have seen a lot of presence of gender fluid fashion in well-known ceremonies such as the Oscars, the MET Gala or even the VMAs, where celebrities like Billy Porter, Harry Styles or Jonathan Van Ness wore non-binary outfits. Female artists like Billie Eilish have also adopted a neutral style by wearing baggy streetwear pieces. This may be a reflection of where the fashion industry is going when it comes to gender, but is the world actually ready for gender fluid fashion?

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The New Zoel Hernández

boy wearing a suit and a saddle bag for his blog

Four years. 1,461 days. That’s the exact amount of time that I’ve been blogging. On Nov 15, 2015 I uploaded my first blog post ever. I remember being quite excited about the idea of writing about my hobbies and experiences. What I did not expect was that some people would actually read those articles. Since then, my blog became the best way for me to bring to light all the creativity that I hadn’t been able to show before.

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Boss in Motion

boss motion hugo boss

After all this time, I’m back! I took a few weeks off of blogging and then I just couldn’t come back to it. It’s been very difficult for me to be motivated and to be inspired these past few months. The fact that I’m not 100% happy with what I’m doing at uni and at work made me ask myself if I’m doing the right thing. I’m also struggling to find out what I want to do after uni. I still have no idea, which makes me feel very anxious. However, I’m much better now. View Post

080 Barcelona Fashion | June 2018

080 bcn fashion catwalk

At the end of June I had the opportunity to go to 080 Barcelona Fashion, which is the main fashion event here in Barcelona. As you may already know, I’ve been to a couple of shows in the past, but this time the experience was a bit different. I finally got an accreditation, so I went there as a blogger. That was exciting for me not only because it was the first time I went to an event as a blogger, but because that means you can go to any runway show you want. I knew I wanted to share with you this experience and that’s what I’m going to do today (finally). Here are my thoughts on some of the shows that I enjoyed the most. View Post

Men’s Natural Makeup Tutorial

tutorial men's natural makeup

*This post contains a paid for advertorial by MMUK, however, all opinions are my own.

I have talked quite a few times about makeup products, but I have never really told you how I use them. Because of this, I thought it could be interesting to explain step by step how I do so in a tutorial. I feel like men tend to go for a more natural look most of the time, so I wanted to start with it. In fact, it is the kind of makeup look I like because it is quite subtle – it is basically a way of enhancing your natural beauty. I should remind you that I am not an expert or a makeup artist, so the way I use these products could be totally wrong. However, it works for me, which is why I do it this way. View Post