Should Men Wear Makeup?

This is going to be a controversial topic, but I have wanted to talk about this for a long time. Girls wear makeup all the time but what about boys? Society accepts a girl that wears makeup but a boy wearing it is odd and he is probably homosexual, or that’s what most people think. Because of this misconception many men would not even consider giving makeup a go and try it at least once. If you are one of those guys who thinks like that, keep in mind that everyone wears makeup on TV to look better for the camera and that does not mean they are gay (which isn’t something to be ashamed/scared of) nor less masculine. Actually, what is masculinity? View Post

7 Things To Do In Vienna

As I explained in my outfit diaries from last week, I have been to Vienna recently. I must say that even though it is not my favourite city, I really enjoyed it and you should visit it someday. Just in case you decide to follow my advice, I thought it could be a good idea to write a small city guide with my favourite things to do and places to visit. However, there are plenty of other activities that you can do there, especially if you like history and museums. I hope you find this post useful or at least I hope it makes you want to travel more, which is always a good thing. View Post

Outfit Diaries | Vienna

If you follow me on social media, you may already know that I have been to Vienna recently. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to write any post about it, as it was a family trip and not a blogging trip. However, I feel like it is always interesting to do so because you all tend to like these posts and because they become a great place to keep all my memories saved. I thought about doing another street styled post, but I was not too impressed by people’s styles there. For this reason the best idea was to do an outfit diaries. It is actually my first time doing it so I hope you like it. Also, I am planning on writing another post about the best things to do in Vienna, which may be up next week. View Post

Lemon Coconut Bliss Energy Balls

It has been a while since I uploaded my last recipe, so I really wanted to make something delicious. I always share with you the yummiest recipes because that’s what I love the most and I think they are the ones that you enjoy the most as well. However, I do not eat all of that all the time, as I also have some good stuff on a daily basis. For this reason, today I am going to show you one of my favourite healthy recipes and I hope you like it too. I found it in Niomi Smart’s book Eat Smart, which is a great recipe book full of healthy options. View Post

Five Songs I Love

This summer I am listening to a lot of music from many different styles and artists. As I told you in my last Five Songs I Love, this may be because I’m on holidays and I have so much time to spend listening to new songs. It may also be because you go out more during this season which means that you are constantly exposed to new music. This includes festivals, although I have not been able to go to any this year, but I will hopefully attend some next year. Anyway, let’s go straight to the point! Today I am sharing some new songs I am absolutely obsessed with and that I hope you like too. View Post